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Failure that stopped me, but why Failure Shouldn't Stop You...

As you know running your own Architectural or Interior design business comes with its pressures and responsibilities and when life challenges get in our way it is just more weight to carry and sometimes it can be too much. We can't stop or quit we have to learn how to manage it and keep pushing up!

This is a continuous story of the last post about how I had a Panic Attack and how my ex-girlfriend left me and I was left broke and demotivated Read more

I know how it feels to be at the low points in life, not knowing what to do, and feeling alone and helpless!

This is why I also know how important support and help is and someone here will Massively Benefit From This Today as I am about to do a Massive Give Aways to help you and others.

But first here will be a small video about my failure and how I Failed!

What happened? I committed to raising money for Charity Movember to support other men who are facing challenges similar to what I did. November is when brave and selfless men around the world grow a moustache, and women step up to support them, all to raise awareness and funds for men's health - specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

The target was to raise £300o for the charity but I did not even come close to it I failed Massively and looked like a Fool!

Although I did 100 pushups a day which felt exhausting and challenging, despite how busy was my day I did push-ups daily to reach the 3000 pushups a month. As a representation of all the people out there who are pushing up every day in their Work, Home or Community that goes unnoticed!

I followed 3 simple steps:

  1. Created a fundraiser and donated myself, encouraged everyone but only very few supported me in this.

  2. Committed to a challenge and also invited others to take part and only 1 guy joined.

  3. I grew the mustachios that people were just making jokes about me and laughing.

As a Bonus - I spoke up to raise awareness that we are all in this together.

Although I had expectations that everyone would cheer me up and support me, this was not the case. The support I received was very poor.

To be honest, as much as I don’t like it and don't want to say this I must admit and I believe that you feel the same!

At the monument, men have become weaker (compared to what?) compared to men of the generation before us and studies show that physical strength has decreased by 22% and I guess the same is reflected in mental health affecting us and our emotional resilience.

We all can relate to this we all desperately need Better Bosses, Dads, Husbands or just Friends who we can rely on and look up to!

It is not a surprise that the young generation doesn't want to grow up if there is nothing to look up to some hero outside the TV or Phone Screens. But the Truth is the Parents and the People around us are true heroes if only they would just share their stories you would be amazed and encouraged!

Every hero at some point loses his strength but somehow finds his strength and wins the evil and leaves a positive impact on others, and we are called to be THE TRUE HEROS OF THE DAY!

I personally lacked a healthy, male role model myself when growing up. I grew up in a single-parent family in a council block in the cold city of Riga in Latvia now-2C which used to be part of Soviet Union. You can only Imagine not much encouragement or perspective of growth was there.

So I learned through trial and error and this has cost me a lot of time, energy and emotional challenges… along the way, my search for happiness and identity has caused pain to others unconsciously, as we never wake up and say I want to do something bad we just think about our selves too much... we try and we get bruises just like learning to ride a bicycle but it can be different with the right support!

I must say thanks to the circumstances and my experience I can share what I have learned with other men in hope that they don’t have to go the hard road and repeat my mistakes. Without this experience, I would not be the person I am right now and would not be able to support and help other men and with your support, I believe that we all can help even more men to become Better!

Better men are not controlling, Better men are not emotionally unstable, Better men are not aggressive they are the opposite. Although we all now are against many things I trust that when we shift the focus from what we don't want to what we want we start seeing the difference and the light...!

Do we really want weak men?

This message of course doesn’t relate to men in this Architect's Community YOU ARE A LEGEND AND A OVERCOMER 💪

But despite the lack of support I am committed to continue supporting others facing their challenges, which is why I am doing a Massive Give A Way!

For any £1 that you donate, I will give you back £2 this is a 50% increase in your money that you can get straight away today.

When donating please write down your company name or contact details so that I know who you are and from the next survey exactly 2X the amount that you have donated you will get off the survey price.

I don't gain any money from this, it will all go to charity, you will make a Difference and Make 2X on Your Investment in Better Men!

Because I do believe that we all can make a difference together!

Only donations up to the Target of the champagne £3000 will be receive 2x in return, so donate before others have used this opportunity to double their money in one day!

You Can Make A Difference NOW!


I also did a Podcast about what I have learned from all this fundraising experience and I share some valuable tips!

We are Building the United Kingdom Together 💪

Thank you for your time and Support 🫶

Peter Bauman


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