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I ended up having a PANIC ATTACK

During the lockdowns, I went through a rough time. I started drinking every evening to take the edge off, gained excessive weight, and struggled with finances.

At the same time, I was managing the business with 16 people and had responsibilities I was not able to take a break but doing my best to make everyone happy. However, I ended up having a PANIC ATTACK, and this is when I realized that I could not continue to strive (make great efforts to achieve results anymore) and had to let it all go. I was burned out and just couldn't do it anymore...

My grandmother died, my girlfriend left me, my finances were burning out, and I had to let staff go, I was demotivated and depressed!!

I lost joy and happiness, and now I understand why so many at this time make decisions to give up, start drinking, taking drugs, sleep around, and use others for their own happiness, we live in an era of doing whatever makes you happy, regardless of how others feel. I had to change something!

I found a way to bounce back when I made a commitment to focusing on what's good and what's honorable. Stopped drinking, started training seriously, and picked up new challenges that I created monthly and connected to new people, I found out that I am not the only one struggling with the challenges of life.

Now I am in a much better place not because I hid away from the emotions but because I was working with & through them. The Business is growing again, and I have found Joy and Purpose in helping others who are facing similar challenges this is the Mission "Face the challenges, find a way, help others"!

Donate and join THE 3000 Movember Challenge in November month starting today!

Men grow Mustaches and 100 Pushups a day, Women do 100 Squats a day for the duration of November as a symbolic representation that we Together can push up and stand up regardless of what life throws at us.

I do believe that The Best Is Yet To Come and we All will do Better Together!

Let's make a difference together!


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