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Controversial - HAVE I misunderstood the process!! Can Matterport Pro 3 do it.....?

Would you like your Measured House Surveys to be done automatically without manual input?

This is actually what one potential client that approached me had in mind as he had heard the news about the new release of the Matterport pro 3 camera with Lidar capabilities and the capability of downloading the BIM File

On their website they state “BIM File - Harness the power of Matterport models. Transform your spatial data to a LOD 200 building information model (BIM) in RVT and DWG format.”

Can you imagine what a time saving this can be just to go and scan the property and get ready DWG 2D plans or RVT 3D models created automatically?

Matterport Pro 3 Scan data

So let's find out the costs of getting this BIM file (DWG, RVT) from this 3 Bedroom Terraced house that I scanned with Matterport Pro 3 myself

More about how did it go on the day on our Instagram

Cost of BIM File from this house

Prices mentioned for DWG and RVT files may vary (calculated per sq.ft.).

You also have to consider the Monthly subscription £45/mo that is billed annually and the equipment cost from £4995 to £6595.

Now you already start asking, is this for real and is this Worth the investment?

Is this the solution to all my wasted time, the inaccuracies and costly surveying services?

Read the below carefully as I explain step by step the process to the potential client.


I would like a Matterport Pro 3 scan for this property to include the following:

Floor Plans in DWG.

Elevations in DWG.

Garden area, Rough boundary in DWG.

(This was a red signal to me, and I understood that I have to explain and clarify the clients expectations, due to the last 2 points.)


We would not be able to do this with Matterport Pro3 camera, due to the level of details required we would do it with Leica BLK360 G2 and crate the drawings or a 3D model manually from the scan data. Matterport cameras are more designed for Marketing with some great features for measurements.


“I believe the Pro 3 has direct integration with AutoDesk via a bundle that allows the export in DWG format. So we were hoping this would be significantly cheaper. Perhaps I have misunderstood the process?”


Exteriors are not in the scope of a BIM file provided either in DWG or RVT format and it provides only Floor Plans and 3D models mainly from internal survey data.

RVT file from Interior will include: Everything that's visible in the point cloud for the requested scope is modeled per LOD 200.

Conclusion Matterport is an excellent tool for marketing and when only floor plans are needed they do a great work and speedy turnovers. But if you're looking for details and drawings such as Elevations, Block Plan, Topography, Sections or other drawings and a control and flexibility of deliverables and its format you need a process that's more straightforward and where you have some control of the result.

When it comes down to level of details, quality of work and consistency there are no fully automated solutions yet.

Although we have few Matterport cameras ourselves, we invested 4x more £ in the Leica 360 G2 scanner as we need the control and flexibility of deliverables for our clients as Matterport simply does not provide this solution, although you can still download the E57 Point Cloud files at a cost of £72 per project and create the drawings or a 3D model manually yourself.

But I personally would use Matterport cameras for Visual material and Leica BLK360 G2 for Point Cloud surveys.

Remember Matterport is a Tech Company and everything is streamlined and you either take it or don't, anything that you want to adjust or change can be either impossible or will take days or weeks, and there is no guarantee that they will be able to do what your expecting yet..., but I believe that technology will advance so keep your eyes open and I will keep you updated if this changes.

But meanwhile don't get discouraged you don't have to do it all manually yourself, we can deliver any drawings that are needed from your as-built project.

Just request a Free Quote and check if this works for you.

When it comes down to level of details for any construction project there are special measurement tools from Leica and other scanners like Faro, GeoSLAM that are meant for this job.


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