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Should Architects Attend Exhibitions?

You will ask did you shook hands & made deals, any new Business?

This will give an idea of what returns of invested time and energy over 2 Days with a 3m x 2m Stand you can expect, here are the results:

  • We hung out with 4x VIPs.

  • Chatted with 2x Speakers.

  • Connected with 15x Exhibitors.

  • Meet 1x representative from the Press.

  • Demonstrated what we do to 238x Visitors.

In total 260 connections were made, and while these are just numbers for some of us these are real-life interactions with people.

How long would it take for you to connect with 260 people in real life, how many months or years?

This is something like Speed Dating but for Property Experts to introduce them to what they do and if potentially there may be some match.

Here is an insight into the 260 people we met at our stand and what they do:

Sometimes we have a dream or a vision but what stops us is the doubts in our head or the uncertainty!

Meetings in person can clear any doubts, give answers to important questions, and build trust.

If you can be there for potential clients and they know where to find you, this gives them that extra layer of security that sometimes is needed and can be the breaking point of making that decision in your favor so let every know where to find you.

We all know a builder who took a deposit and ran away. But this can be avoided, just think of anyone going the extra length and showing up, they will take time to create a website, gather reviews, attend networking events, and freely share information about themselves and what they do, because their goals are long term. Their actions are not based on emotional spikes that lead to unstable work or quality.

Stay committed and keep showing up, start investing in the relationships earlier, and see how they grow just have some patience along the way.

Every event we attend just adds towards this trust and this has been our 6th year in London Build Expo.

While we don't shake hands and strike deals at the event, this event has been the Best Event of all the 50 networking events that we have attended throughout this year and it always was.

We do what we say and we show up and stand for our words and this is how trust is built.

First of all, this is how confidence is built in us that gets seen and noticed by others.

The work always starts internally preparing, booking time off, and planning the meetings. It is all hard work, and yes it is exhausting at times!

But the rewards are worth it. People are calling, emailing, and referring to the connections made even 6 months down the line as whenever they have a project they now know where to get their Measured Surveys Done.

We look at this as simply connecting to the people in the industry rather than deal-making, and through these connections, business just happens!

Giving advice and guidance positions you as the industry expert and when someone needs the service you provide, guess who they will recommend?

This was our London Build 2023


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