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Measure houses with a Click of a button introducing the New Giraffe 360 Go Cam.

Adam Slade C+A Design (Architectural Practice)

I was impressed by the launch video of the new scanner by Graffe 360 Go Cam!

Especially with the affordable price tag but should I now sell all my gear and get this one?

Without any delays I got my hands on this scanner to test it out and here are my findings.

Here is the comparison between Giraffe 360 Go Cam, Matterpprt Pro3 and BLK360 G2.

All of them are the latest released scanners for small to medium-range architectural projects.

Who knows maybe you will get one of these to save time and money on Measuring houses as well?

But if your not planing to become a profesional surveyour or create a surveyour team with in your company and prefere to pay per project we are here to help


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