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Do you do Matterport Surveys?

What a strange question! 🤔

When someone asks this question, I feel that clients are trying to dictate what and how we should do our work. Therefore, I decided to bring some clarity.

If you are an architect and need 2D plans or a 3D model, how we do the work is none of your business. I believe that architects have more important things to do than running around measuring houses, am I wrong?

So, if you are looking for a DIY approach and would like to focus more on measured house surveying, let me explain how it all works. Here is the breakdown:

Client is asking: I'm really interested in just receiving the Matterport Survey.

Me: Sure, we can scan this with the latest Matterport Pro3 for you if this is what you're looking for. Just please note that some parts may not be entirely captured and there is no way to check this on site. But we will capture all that we can and deliver it as it comes from Matterport.

Note: However, I would suggest that the surveying be done with a Leica scanner instead. The price and time for the surveying service will be the same; only the end result will be different. Matterport is great for visuals, while Leica is great for data collection. That’s the only difference.

See the misalignment from the Matterport scan below:

This example shows what happens when scans go wrong with Matterport and there is no way to correct it.

Matterport support usually takes three days to respond, and all they will say is to upload the model again. If it does the job, great, but if it doesn't?

Then luck is needed. If luck is on your side, they may or may not correct it for you. They have done it in the past, but this time they refused.

Four days later: Matterport response

  • "We cannot fix it."

  • "Hide this scan point."

  • "Capture this scan again."

Although we have both Matterport and Leica cameras, this is why we use Matterport for 3D tours and marketing purposes and Leica scanners for measured surveys and Point Cloud data. The Leica scanners provide the flexibility to make adjustments and notice misalignments straight away.

Some clients require a 3D tour, so we do it with Matterport and advise that it's only for visual purposes, as with Matterport, we can't guarantee the service or the quality of the Point Cloud.

If Point Cloud data is required, we use Leica scanners to ensure accuracy and avoid delays or unnecessary revisits after a week of email exchanges with support teams. We fix issues on the spot to deliver the work without delays.

Client: I need a Matterport survey, can you do it?

My answer would be: If you're very particular about how the work is done and insist, sure, we can get it done for you. However, this does not mean better quality, cost savings, or quicker service. It just means we will do what you asked. But to be extra clear, "I hear that you want to help with your advice on how to conduct measured house surveys, but it's not necessary. If you allow us to do our work with the right tools for the right job, we will complete it without errors. This way, we will save your time, you money, and you energy."

Conclusion: We can do whatever the clients need and charge money for it just to keep us busy, but if the results are what clients are after, it's very important to focus on the results rather than the process. When the result is defined, it's very easy to find the right tools, people, or services to achieve it.

Instead of adding more to an already busy life (or busy mind), leave the work to professionals and focus on the result.

Let me know what areas you tend to get involved in, that you know are someone else's responsibility?


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