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  • Are there any estimates in the laser scanning process?

    As-Build drawings from Scan data are averaged and the differences or tolerance is in mm. Errors still can occur in misaligned scans that are not registered properly or in the process of creating the 2D DWGs or 3D models as this is still a manual process where the scan data serves as a reference point. With with laser scanned surveys you get even the information that other ways would be missed or unknown and even in most of the cases irrelevant. Sometimes less is more! For example Architects don't like wobbly lines neither planning departments, in fact these applications may experience extra questioning and delays. But on the other hand, where more is needed with scan data you have it and having more reference points at no extra cost of time or money, it is always a good deal! We all know when dealing with real life and existing buildings, nothing is straight or with 90-degree corners; it can be 90.5°, 91°, or 89.2°, and no wall is 100% straight either. But this does not mean that the house will collapse or that there are any problems that needs to be addressed; you will always have small inaccuracies (mm), and this may be acceptable for smaller projects where the tolerance is not that strict. These inaccuracies may be due to the finish of the walls, some due to the age of the buildings as with time they settle. There are various reasons for these small inaccuracies when we are dealing with existing buildings. But for projects that go through a complete refurbishment, these mm differences are usually of no importance as the property is stripped out completely in the process. As a standard delivery, we follow these guidelines: Walls will be displayed as straight lines and angles averaged to fit the 90 degrees where designed this way unless requested by the client to follow the true angles and shapes, where walls and angles may not be straight. Note: Anyone who conducts laser scanning surveys where necessary can follow these mm change in the structure where necessary as the scanners have collected the data. Laser scanning cannot be compared to hand surveying; this would be a comparison between a bicycle and a car, which can travel further in a shorter time? The traditional surveyor would have only one or a few measurements per wall to identify its location only. With laser scanning you can have measurements of every cm of the wall. Here is a sample of the most affordable scanner Giraffe360  that I have personally tested; it provides 2k scan points per one square meter. But this is nothing in comparison to the capabilities of the Matterport Pro 3, which, in XYZ file format from Matterpacks, provides 8.3k points per square meter. And the same Matterport Pro 3, in high-density point cloud file E57 format, provides even more points per square meter: 150k points per square meter. While these numbers are HUGEe to understand, hopefully these images provided some visualisations of what we are discussing here. Note: These two scanners are not even professional tools designed for scanning; they are more for property marketing (Check out my Youtube Review). When compared to professional tools, the accuracy goes to millimeters. See Images below of Professional Laser Scanners capabilities. For our day to day work, we use Leica BLK2GO for speed and efficiency. It is a handheld laser scanner that recreates spaces in 3D as you move, scanning over and under objects, through rooms and doorways, around corners, and up and down stairwells. How accurate is the BLK2GO? The accuracy of the Leica BLK2GO is plus or minus 10mm. Below is scan data from the BLK2GO (captured in 2 minutes). For greater accuracy, we use the Leica BLK360 G2, it is a terrestrial laser scanner (TLS), which is a stationary system that scans a specific area from a fixed point. Once scanning is done, you have to move the scanner to the next location. This stationary scanning ensures greater accuracy. How accurate is the BLK360 G2? The accuracy of the Leica BLK360 is plus or minus 4mm. Below is scan data from the BLK360 G2. This millimeter accuracy is crucial, especially for blocks of flats or high-rises. They must allocate the necessary resources, both money and time, for this level of detail to be safe to use. As construction progresses, deviations in walls or structural elements can be identified at an early stage. And for this type of work there are even more accurate scanners available, as 4mm accuracy will not be sufficient. Now that you understand laser scanning and its capabilities, it's time to answer your question. However, it begins with a question to yourself: What level of accuracy are you seeking? There are tools and methods available for any level of accuracy, ranging from hand measurements with 1-5 measured points per wall to scans with millions of points of the same wall. The cost varies accordingly. Additionally, creating drawings or 3D models from scan data is a manual process, and someone will need to invest time, which translates to cost. And as important is the scan data the same importance has the drafting team and quality controls in place when it comes down to as-built drawings. Based on our experience we have determined what works best for our clients and the projects we handle daily. We have established this as our standard to provide the best value for their money. At SpaceSurvey, we construct or draw walls as straight lines and angles averaged to fit the 90-degree angles, unless requested otherwise to follow the true shapes and angles where walls and angles may not be straight. If we notice any deviations from the original planned layout during this process, we inform the client and discuss potential adjustments. So, when millimeter accuracy is necessary, inform your surveyor so they can utilize the right tools and follow the true shapes and locations of the existing structures in property. Keep in mind that this may increase the time and cost of the project, but it is possible. And if you found this information interesting, I have also created a YouTube video reviewing the two entry-level scanners, you may find the video interesting as well. SpaceSurvey Peter Bauman

  • How much does a Measured House Survey in London cost?

    An architect approached me to get a quote for 2 two-bedroom flats, and I offered £530+VAT per flat with 2D deliverables in DWG and PDF formats. In response, I received an email stating, "It’s a little on the high side compared to a couple of other quotes I’ve had, around £350 ex VAT. See what you can do?" My response: I can write a blog post as this is a very interesting topic, and I trust that many of you will have the same question. So, what if I tell you that you can get Measured House Surveys for even less than £350+VAT? Or, what if I share a message from another client of ours and explain why they said this: "The plan you provided me was based on SpaceSurvey measurement (£1545.00 inc VAT)." "I think SpaceSurvey input has not only added no value, but has in this case cost me time and money." "If you can refund me SpaceSurvey's fee, I think that is a fair compromise." Now that we know what this blog post will be about, "The pricing for measured house surveys in London," I want to set the expectations right. So, let's explore the different scenarios. But first, I have to admit that I completely understand this offer from my client of £350+VAT, and I am also completely happy if this work goes to someone else as we are busy right now. And this is a strong argument that people are willing to pay the price we give in our proposals. And now, you're probably asking why pay more if you can pay less, and why do others charge less? What is the difference, what is the right price, and how can I reduce the cost of house surveys? And why did we charge £1545+VAT and why did the other client complained? First our minimum project cost is £500+VAT, and I will explain why. If someone spends a day on travel and site visits and two days on doing the drawings, it is £350+VAT / 3 days of work. This works out to be £116 a day - Travel expenses - Equipment - Subscriptions. The leftover is still - 20% tax, and the day's wages are about the same as a barista is earning in Costa Coffee. Just baristas don't have to worry if they will have work next week or spend money on insurance, and don't have to take any responsibility. Also, a barista is earning holidays when this surveyor is not; he only earns when he works. In this math, he should also save and accumulate for his holidays and cover his tools' costs. Although many still use Laser measurement (£60) and pencil and eraser for data collection and notes, and this is how we also started, this method comes with lots of assumptions, brick counting, missing measurements, and revisits, while laser scanners cost into the tens of thousands but save time, increase accuracy, and eliminate revisits, and this is the advantage. This surveyor, if he has not lined up the next jobs, has to divide his earned money to maybe 5 days if he has 1 job a week, and this makes the math behind it even worse, and this is just one of the options. So let's look at another option, if they have a lot of work due to low prices, they may be running busy and do surveys all day long at daytime and work on the drawings late evenings and at night. They earn money but have no joy in life as they have no time for life; they are making money. They do it all themselves and work 6-7 days a week around 12-14 hours a day. But with this in the long term, their health and relationships will suffer. I have been there, trust me. I had a panic attack, gained bad weight, and lost the joy that eventually led to a breakup in my relationship, and at that point, I lost all the motivation and drive. This option also is not worth the price for me as a surveyor or business owner, but for clients, it was great but I was just killing my self. The only option left in this low-priced work, where there are very little or thin profit margins, is to free the time by outsourcing the work, for example, to India, and getting the evenings and weekends back. However, due to low-profit margins, to make it work, it must be a quick transaction and with minimal effort. As I have also tried this, I can say from my own experience that the outsourcing team will send back projects about 80% correct and the 20% will be either wrong or need additional work. And then it comes down to quality control. But this takes emotional capacity and time that is not included in the price and is neither requested nor needed by the client. Remember the question is can you lower the price; the question is not do you have quality control in place? The work is simply passed to the client, and if the client doesn't say anything, then all is ok, job done, and this works, and prices can be further reduced to get more jobs as the surveyor needs to cover only his time of travel and site visit, the rest is not his business, and let's say even £300 is ok for a day's job, would you agree? From this, the surveyor pays £50 - £100 to the team in India. In the last example, if the client says something, the surveyor just copies and pastes this to the outsourcing team; they make the changes that the client has asked for, and the client eventually becomes the Quality Control person. But to do proper quality control, the client needs to visit the site and do a cross-check, as without a site visit or scan data, how would anyone know that this is not correct if logically it looks ok, only if it is an obvious mistake then this can logically be figured out at times. But if the client (Interior designer / Architect) also wants to just get the work done, he will just work with what's provided and not bother a lot, as for planning, you only need the plans to look good; no one will check anything, and in this case, this works. But in the long term, if the client is an architect not the end customer he will not know where the plans my be used after the planning is granted, they my go to some interior designer, builders etc... and if these plans goes to construction, these inaccuracies can delay a project and cause losses and a bad name to the Architect. Case Study of a Real Project Gone Wrong in 2023: The client needed work to be done for a Planning Application related to windows and doors. See the email below that I received regarding one of the projects we completed as-built drawings for. The client needed 1 Floor Plan, 9 external elevations, and 19 sections of every door and window for the Planning Application with increased detail. The cost, including VAT, was £1,545.00. Architect than instructed some interior designers X who did the proposed design. It was an outsourcing company X who as mentioned did 80% right and 20% was not good, and I would assume that this interior design team was selected by there pricing as the quality of work you will see for your self in the video below. And as mentioned the client did no do any quality control but passed this to his client and here it all started..... We received the kitchen today and unfortunately, it doesn’t fit. The kitchen was ordered off the attached plan. (Issue in Proposed plans done by Company X) The main issue is that the wall below has been measured at 3.5m Whereas it is actually 3.39m. This was one of the few walls in the flat which hasn’t been changed from pre to post work. This is going to cause me a big issue as I am going to have to need to redesign the kitchen and purchase new wall and base units. This is also going to remove any chance of having the kitchen in before the holidays. There are 2 other issues on the plans which we were made aware of months ago, however hadn’t raised with you: These walls are not on the same line: This window is located further over to the right. This one resulted in a new shower tray and door needing to be ordered. I would have expected the laser measure to have pick this up. Please take a look at this and let me know your position on. I am going to need some form or reimbursement for the fees I paid. While we conducted the original survey, the new design was completed by an outsourcing Company X without proper quality control. As a result, approximately 80% of the work is accurate, but the remaining 20% contains errors. This situation has necessitated redesigning the kitchen, causing delays, financial losses, and frustration. The plan you provided me was based off SpaceSurvey measurement (£1545.00 inc VAT). I do appreciate that error can occur, however on 3 different areas in a 2 bedroom flat. That’s too greater error. In any event I would have expected there to be some form of check to avoid the exact situation that has occurred. This kitchen error is going to cost thousands to rectify in new units, and full redesign not to mention prevent having the kitchen in before the holidays. That means I can’t put the worktop in before that time and this whole thing now moves to the new year. I am also at the mercy of having to reorder units from the kitchen supplier so I am looking at weeks delay. I think SpaceSurvey input has not only added no value, but has in this case cost me time and money. I don’t want to fall out over this which is why I didn’t raise the other issues months back. But getting this much error on a straight wall that has remained the same length shouldn’t have happened. If you can refund me SpaceSurveys fee I think that is a fair compromise. As we've seen in the video above, the new design was poorly made by outsourcing company X, which the client used, causing his client financial loss and loss of time. Although I understand that this decision saved him time and money, and this new design was probably created for a lower price than it would cost him to do it himself or hire experts to do it. Although the errors were not in the as-built drawings but the new design, we can see that if Company X would take the time and follow the correctly done as-built drawings, and the client would do a quality check, they would avoid this mistake. And on the other hand, what would be the scenario if the original measured survey would have some mistakes and the company X would do a great job, the result would be the same: mistakes, delays, lost time, and money. Not to mention if both the as-built drawings and proposed design would have no quality control, in this case not much will change as bad is bad and even if it's getting super bad it's still the same: delays, losses, and frustration. So if the end goal is low-priced work than the objectives are reached, and in planning, this will work. As plans for planning are just an illustration of what was and what will be, but just because these plans are used for planning application this does not mean that they are correct, so yes you can get plans for a lower price done to achieve your objectives where accuracy is not a priority and you don't need to pay for that extra accuracy as it takes time and costs more. If quality is important then the only alternative is to have quality control in place for both the existing and proposed. And this comes at a cost in time and money, but this way you can ensure that work will not only pass planning but can also be used for interior design, construction, building regulations, etc. So if you know that accuracy is not important and only planning is what you're after than the quality is not important as planning departments will not come and cross-check the measurements. In this case, cheaper plans can be a better option, but everyone must be aware that these are not to be used for further work. For that, another more accurate plan may be required. We provide plans that will work for all uses and simply don't get involved in low-price, low-quality plans. When not everyone's expectations are on the same line, it just leads to frustration for all parties involved. Such clients will also go for the next low price team in hope that it will change the above, but will end up in the same place, the surveyor will again look for new clients and as he doesn't have a lot of work will again compete in low price offers, possibly while renting a room in London and dreaming about how one day he would be able to create a family and provide for their wife and kids or afford the life he dreams about. This surveyor or architect will also know that from this room that he is renting he can't achieve this. This will lead him to hate his work and his clients will notice this frustration. That is caused by not being able to see growth and future in his work despite the many years and money he has spent in education he works for less than a security man who actually is just checking Instagram and reading newspapers all day and requires no education. He is demotivated, and with that, he stops providing services; it is just a question of when, or continues doing it with dissatisfaction just because he has responsibilities and bills to pay. And his clients also do not value his work because as soon as someone else comes with a lower offer, they go to the next one. Doing low-priced works is where we start when we learn; we did the same, and there is a time and place for this, but our aim should be to grow in expertise and quality. We can't sell value for a low price; if you sell £100 for £50, how much does the £100 cost, and with this, can you see any growth? When things of value lose their value, we also don't want to invest our time, money, or energy in this; this is simply a bad investment. It all starts with the individual, the surveyor, or the architect, and setting their boundaries. I'd rather focus on educating our clients through posts like this than spend the same time earning £350+VAT because we will be able to help our clients better. Our clients are also happy to pay for our work £1000+VAT because they understand the value. £350+VAT simply is not worth our time and in fact, I hope that this blog post will scare people away from us. So that I don't have to waste time providing quotes for work that will never take place. I'd rather continue working with people who understand the value but only because I have freed my time to explain it to them. When we start to see the value in something, we quickly find the time, the money, the energy. In fact, time, money, or energy becomes a non-issue when profits and worth are identified. SpaceSurvey Peter Bauman

  • Measure houses with a Click of a button introducing the New Giraffe 360 Go Cam.

    Adam Slade C+A Design (Architectural Practice) I was impressed by the launch video of the new scanner by Graffe 360 Go Cam! Especially with the affordable price tag but should I now sell all my gear and get this one? Without any delays I got my hands on this scanner to test it out and here are my findings. Here is the comparison between Giraffe 360 Go Cam, Matterpprt Pro3 and BLK360 G2. All of them are the latest released scanners for small to medium-range architectural projects. Who knows maybe you will get one of these to save time and money on Measuring houses as well? But if your not planing to become a profesional surveyour or create a surveyour team with in your company and prefere to pay per project we are here to help

  • Failure that stopped me, but why Failure Shouldn't Stop You...

    As you know running your own Architectural or Interior design business comes with its pressures and responsibilities and when life challenges get in our way it is just more weight to carry and sometimes it can be too much. We can't stop or quit we have to learn how to manage it and keep pushing up! This is a continuous story of the last post about how I had a Panic Attack and how my ex-girlfriend left me and I was left broke and demotivated Read more I know how it feels to be at the low points in life, not knowing what to do, and feeling alone and helpless! This is why I also know how important support and help is and someone here will Massively Benefit From This Today as I am about to do a Massive Give Aways to help you and others. But first here will be a small video about my failure and how I Failed! What happened? I committed to raising money for Charity Movember to support other men who are facing challenges similar to what I did. November is when brave and selfless men around the world grow a moustache, and women step up to support them, all to raise awareness and funds for men's health - specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. The target was to raise £300o for the charity but I did not even come close to it I failed Massively and looked like a Fool! Although I did 100 pushups a day which felt exhausting and challenging, despite how busy was my day I did push-ups daily to reach the 3000 pushups a month. As a representation of all the people out there who are pushing up every day in their Work, Home or Community that goes unnoticed! I followed 3 simple steps: Created a fundraiser and donated myself, encouraged everyone but only very few supported me in this. Committed to a challenge and also invited others to take part and only 1 guy joined. I grew the mustachios that people were just making jokes about me and laughing. As a Bonus - I spoke up to raise awareness that we are all in this together. Although I had expectations that everyone would cheer me up and support me, this was not the case. The support I received was very poor. To be honest, as much as I don’t like it and don't want to say this I must admit and I believe that you feel the same! At the monument, men have become weaker (compared to what?) compared to men of the generation before us and studies show that physical strength has decreased by 22% and I guess the same is reflected in mental health affecting us and our emotional resilience. We all can relate to this we all desperately need Better Bosses, Dads, Husbands or just Friends who we can rely on and look up to! It is not a surprise that the young generation doesn't want to grow up if there is nothing to look up to some hero outside the TV or Phone Screens. But the Truth is the Parents and the People around us are true heroes if only they would just share their stories you would be amazed and encouraged! Every hero at some point loses his strength but somehow finds his strength and wins the evil and leaves a positive impact on others, and we are called to be THE TRUE HEROS OF THE DAY! I personally lacked a healthy, male role model myself when growing up. I grew up in a single-parent family in a council block in the cold city of Riga in Latvia now-2C which used to be part of Soviet Union. You can only Imagine not much encouragement or perspective of growth was there. So I learned through trial and error and this has cost me a lot of time, energy and emotional challenges… along the way, my search for happiness and identity has caused pain to others unconsciously, as we never wake up and say I want to do something bad we just think about our selves too much... we try and we get bruises just like learning to ride a bicycle but it can be different with the right support! I must say thanks to the circumstances and my experience I can share what I have learned with other men in hope that they don’t have to go the hard road and repeat my mistakes. Without this experience, I would not be the person I am right now and would not be able to support and help other men and with your support, I believe that we all can help even more men to become Better! Better men are not controlling, Better men are not emotionally unstable, Better men are not aggressive they are the opposite. Although we all now are against many things I trust that when we shift the focus from what we don't want to what we want we start seeing the difference and the light...! Do we really want weak men? This message of course doesn’t relate to men in this Architect's Community YOU ARE A LEGEND AND A OVERCOMER 💪 But despite the lack of support I am committed to continue supporting others facing their challenges, which is why I am doing a Massive Give A Way! For any £1 that you donate, I will give you back £2 this is a 50% increase in your money that you can get straight away today. When donating please write down your company name or contact details so that I know who you are and from the next survey exactly 2X the amount that you have donated you will get off the survey price. I don't gain any money from this, it will all go to charity, you will make a Difference and Make 2X on Your Investment in Better Men! Because I do believe that we all can make a difference together! Only donations up to the Target of the champagne £3000 will be receive 2x in return, so donate before others have used this opportunity to double their money in one day! You Can Make A Difference NOW! 👇 I also did a Podcast about what I have learned from all this fundraising experience and I share some valuable tips! We are Building the United Kingdom Together 💪 Thank you for your time and Support 🫶 Peter Bauman

  • Should Architects Attend Exhibitions?

    You will ask did you shook hands & made deals, any new Business? This will give an idea of what returns of invested time and energy over 2 Days with a 3m x 2m Stand you can expect, here are the results: We hung out with 4x VIPs. Chatted with 2x Speakers. Connected with 15x Exhibitors. Meet 1x representative from the Press. Demonstrated what we do to 238x Visitors. In total 260 connections were made, and while these are just numbers for some of us these are real-life interactions with people. How long would it take for you to connect with 260 people in real life, how many months or years? This is something like Speed Dating but for Property Experts to introduce them to what they do and if potentially there may be some match. Here is an insight into the 260 people we met at our stand and what they do: Sometimes we have a dream or a vision but what stops us is the doubts in our head or the uncertainty! Meetings in person can clear any doubts, give answers to important questions, and build trust. If you can be there for potential clients and they know where to find you, this gives them that extra layer of security that sometimes is needed and can be the breaking point of making that decision in your favor so let every know where to find you. We all know a builder who took a deposit and ran away. But this can be avoided, just think of anyone going the extra length and showing up, they will take time to create a website, gather reviews, attend networking events, and freely share information about themselves and what they do, because their goals are long term. Their actions are not based on emotional spikes that lead to unstable work or quality. Stay committed and keep showing up, start investing in the relationships earlier, and see how they grow just have some patience along the way. Every event we attend just adds towards this trust and this has been our 6th year in London Build Expo. While we don't shake hands and strike deals at the event, this event has been the Best Event of all the 50 networking events that we have attended throughout this year and it always was. We do what we say and we show up and stand for our words and this is how trust is built. First of all, this is how confidence is built in us that gets seen and noticed by others. The work always starts internally preparing, booking time off, and planning the meetings. It is all hard work, and yes it is exhausting at times! But the rewards are worth it. People are calling, emailing, and referring to the connections made even 6 months down the line as whenever they have a project they now know where to get their Measured Surveys Done. We look at this as simply connecting to the people in the industry rather than deal-making, and through these connections, business just happens! Giving advice and guidance positions you as the industry expert and when someone needs the service you provide, guess who they will recommend? This was our London Build 2023

  • I ended up having a PANIC ATTACK

    During the lockdowns, I went through a rough time. I started drinking every evening to take the edge off, gained excessive weight, and struggled with finances. At the same time, I was managing the business with 16 people and had responsibilities I was not able to take a break but doing my best to make everyone happy. However, I ended up having a PANIC ATTACK, and this is when I realized that I could not continue to strive (make great efforts to achieve results anymore) and had to let it all go. I was burned out and just couldn't do it anymore... My grandmother died, my girlfriend left me, my finances were burning out, and I had to let staff go, I was demotivated and depressed!! I lost joy and happiness, and now I understand why so many at this time make decisions to give up, start drinking, taking drugs, sleep around, and use others for their own happiness, we live in an era of doing whatever makes you happy, regardless of how others feel. I had to change something! I found a way to bounce back when I made a commitment to focusing on what's good and what's honorable. Stopped drinking, started training seriously, and picked up new challenges that I created monthly and connected to new people, I found out that I am not the only one struggling with the challenges of life. Now I am in a much better place not because I hid away from the emotions but because I was working with & through them. The Business is growing again, and I have found Joy and Purpose in helping others who are facing similar challenges this is the Mission "Face the challenges, find a way, help others"! Donate and join THE 3000 Movember Challenge in November month starting today! Men grow Mustaches and 100 Pushups a day, Women do 100 Squats a day for the duration of November as a symbolic representation that we Together can push up and stand up regardless of what life throws at us. I do believe that The Best Is Yet To Come and we All will do Better Together! Let's make a difference together!

  • I got asked, what is that trade show you will be attending in November?

    First of all, why do we attend this show.....? "To Create New Business Relationships" This is the No. 1 event for Architects in London to attend. And as our most valuable clients are Architects we must be where our clients are. In the past, we have connected with companies who have helped us to 2x our business just in 2023 alone, and yes we have invested with them more than 27K in new technology. This has allowed us to scale and grow, the investment always precedes the results. It is so important to stay on top of the game where the small becomes smaller and the big becomes bigger, we simply Must adapt and change as the technologies advance the whole industry does it too. And I just do not want to find myself on the other side of history, where I continued doing what I was doing when every else has moved forward. The truth is, I just like to be around people who are always looking for growth and opportunities! There is no excuse if someone is putting in the hours wisely he will reap the fruits at the appropriate time. Although someone may not like this going solo is not the future, the future is in a Team Work and Collaboration. London Build show doors open in just 3 weeks (Nov 15th & 16th, Olympia London). Come visit us at stand L80. The First 10 people who will come to our stand and say that they received this email will get a token to redeem from the Bar, soft drinks, and house wine or beer. Register your free tickets today at: London Build 2023 features: 30,000+ registered visitors from contractors, architects, civil engineers, developers, local councils, house builders/associations, and construction professionals 500+ inspiring speakers across 8 conference stages including Future of Construction, Digital Construction, Fire Safety, Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion, and more 200+ hours of CPD masterclasses and training The UK’s biggest Festival of Construction with DJs, musicians, live performances, celebrity guests, entertainment, and competitions Meet the Buyers with Procurement Teams exhibiting from top contractors including Laing O’Rourke, Skanska, Costain, BAM, Bouygues, Morgan Sindall, and more Architect’s Hub with project displays and 3D models of upcoming projects from leading architects across the UK including Gensler, HLM, Bell Phillips, BAM Design, Broadway Malyan, and many more Exclusive networking parties co-hosted with leading industry bodies The UK’s largest networking events for Women in Construction and Diversity in Construction An inclusive Ambassador Programme supporting Women, D&I, Sustainability, and Mental Health in Construction 350+ exhibitors showcasing the latest services, products, and innovations transforming the industry Full CPD conference agenda: Incredible speaker line-up: Networking parties: Show preview: I hope to see you there! Thanks, Peter Bauman SpaceSurvey Instagram

  • In the world of Architecture, Growth isn't just about brick and mortar.

    It's about fostering innovation, expanding your network, and staying at the forefront of industry trends. One powerful way to achieve this is by attending exhibitions. Exhibitions can be the key to unlocking your full potential. Here's why: Design Inspiration Networking Stay ahead of Trends Showcase your work Open new opportunities Boost Business Growth Here is a list of Exhibitions that we attend and exhibits that we can recommend, These events are windows into the future of architecture, offering opportunities for growth. Don't let them pass you by. Plan your next exhibition visit, engage with the latest trends, and watch your architectural career soar to new heights. Your journey toward architectural greatness starts when you get out there and connect to people... 1st November 2023 Landlord Investors Show - Join for Free 15th-16th November 2023 London Build Expo - Join for Free 1st May 2024 South East Construction Expo - Join for Free 1. Design Inspiration: Exhibitions expose you to groundbreaking ideas, revolutionary materials, and visionary projects. These immersive environments push your creative boundaries and infuse fresh energy into your work. The designs you encounter may become the spark that ignites your next game-changing project. 2. Networking: Architects know that connections matter. Exhibitions are hubs of industry professionals, experts, and potential clients. It's the ideal place to rub shoulders with fellow architects, engineers, suppliers, and potential collaborators. Forge partnerships, exchange ideas, and broaden your professional circle. You never know when a chance encounter could lead to your next big opportunity. 3. Stay Ahead of Trends: Staying stagnant in architecture is a recipe for obsolescence. Exhibitions are your fast track to staying updated on the latest trends, materials, and technologies. By attending, you'll be in the know about sustainability innovations, smart building solutions, and the future of architectural design. Being ahead of the curve will set you apart in a competitive industry. 4. Showcase Your Work: Exhibitions aren't just for spectators – they're for participants too. It's an opportunity to showcase your own work. Presenting your projects not only boosts your credibility but also attracts potential clients. It's a live portfolio, and seeing your creations in a public space can be a significant selling point we ourselves exhibit at 2 exhibitions in a year for the same reason. 5. Open new opportunities: Exhibitions often host seminars, workshops, and presentations from experts in the field. Seize these opportunities to expand your knowledge and skill set. Gaining insights from thought leaders can lead to innovative solutions and strategies for your own projects. And you also get your CPD for free. 6. Boost Business Growth: Ultimately, attending exhibitions is a strategic move for business growth. The contacts you make, the knowledge you gain, and the inspiration you absorb will translate into tangible growth for your architectural firm. It's an investment in your future success. And if you're still not convinced then just come to say Hi to us we are exhibiting on the 15th and 16th of November 2023 at London Olympia London Build Expo - Join for Free. We will be at the Stand L80 and will be happy to connect with you in real life! Just a reminder it will be in November and you know November is MOvember when Couregouse men grow Mustaches to raise awareness of Men's Mental Health. I will have a Mustache as always so looking forward to seeing all my Mo-Brothers. See You in MOvember! Peter Bauman SpaceSurvey Director

  • Architectural business is swallowing all your life? 

    Do you find yourself wearing too many hats, juggling design, project management, client meetings, and more until you can't remember the last time you had a moment to breathe? I recently had a revelation that shook me to my core and completely transformed my perspective on business. In a property meeting, I heard Mark Fitzgerald, a seasoned Mentor and Coach in the field, drop a bombshell of wisdom that I couldn't ignore: "It’s actually when you try to wear all the hats it can be a very heavy load, and the business can overtake your life. When I started outsourcing, I freed up my time." Intrigued? I certainly was, and you will be too as you dive deeper into the shocking insights that can change the way we approach our business yours and mine. Business Overtaking My Life: Mark's words hit me like a bolt of lightning. In the past, I had convinced myself that being the ultimate one-person show was the way to go, but it was taking a toll on my health (I got a panic attack), my personal life (my ex-girlfriend broke up with me), and the quality of my work (I had ZERO motivation at this point). I realized that my business had indeed overtaken my life. I was chained to my desk, buried in email, and constantly battling the never-ending demands of running a business. The initial passion and joy I felt were fading, replaced by stress and exhaustion, I needed to find a way to bounce back. Wearing All the Hats: Architects also, often take immense pride in their ability to multitask and manage various aspects of our projects. But as Mark Fitzgerald pointed out, there's a breaking point where the weight of all those hats becomes unbearable. It's not just about design and construction anymore; it's about financial management, marketing, administrative tasks, and everything in between. The more roles we assume, the less time we have to focus on what truly matters – In your case that can be finding more clients, creating exceptional designs, and providing value to your clients. The Solution: Mark's advice was clear in the meeting – outsourcing. And I have tested it in my life, Initially, the idea seemed daunting at the beginning. I was hesitant to relinquish control, fearing that no one could handle my work with the same level of dedication and expertise. But as I delved deeper into the concept, I began to see the immense benefits. Outsourcing allowed me to delegate time-consuming tasks like bookkeeping, marketing, and administrative work to experts in those fields. This freed up my schedule, enabling me to focus on my true passion – running the business and helping my team to grow with it, I found out that I was great at doing the work but I was a bad leader, so I needed to start trusting people and give more responsibilities and allow them to shine. I started to do blog posts like this, with the aim of helping others in their business through what I have learned. I started a YouTube channel and Instagram videos about what is that we really do. In such a way exposing our work and starting to grow again, I ignite the passion for the creative work of building systems, businesses, and people. Nowadays visibility is credibility. Finally, I started doing what I love. The results were nothing short of astonishing. With the weight of administrative burdens lifted from my shoulders, I found myself reinvigorated. I had more time to invest in my projects, explore innovative ways to measure houses to deliver the as-built drawings and collaborate with clients on a deeper level through interviews. My work improved, and so did my overall satisfaction and so can yours. The business was no longer overtaking my life; instead, it was thriving while allowing me to have a life outside of work so I also signed up for a half ironman competition in Nice, France 2024 with my new girlfriend and we are committed to taking on challenges together, and I trust that you also need someone in your team who is willing to cross the finish line even if it is getting hard. These are the type of people you should be working with and outsourcing your work to those who don't quit. Conclusion: Mark Fitzgerald's revelation during that property meeting was a wake-up call - This is the way! We must recognize our limits and prioritize our well-being. Trying to wear all the hats can be a heavy burden that stifles our creativity and drains our energy. Embracing outsourcing can be a game-changer, allowing us to reclaim our passion while our businesses flourish. So, if you're feeling overwhelmed by the demands of your architectural practice, take a page from Mark's playbook and consider outsourcing. It might just be the shocking perspective shift your business and your life needs. Need more Business advice get in touch with Mark Fitzgerald IG: W: E: Posted by Peter Bauman

  • Shocking question that made me realize there might be a Misconception about Architects.....

    I recently got asked a question by a structural engineer studying in the field of Structural Engineering. The question was a shocking one, and it made me realize there might be a misconception about what architects really do. The question was: "Do architects use surveyors? Are they not measuring properties themselves?" It's important to understand that architects have a specific role in the construction process. They are the ones responsible for the aesthetics, functionality, and overall vision of a project. Surveyors, on the other hand, specialize in accurately measuring and mapping the land or property. Both professions are essential in the construction industry, but they have distinct roles and areas of expertise. Contrary to what some may believe, architects are not surveyors themselves. They have a keen eye for design and bringing ideas to life, although their skills may extend to the technical aspects of surveying. Now, you might be wondering why architects don't just measure properties themselves. Well, the truth is, that architects often have limited time and resources. They have multiple projects to juggle unless it is a single person doing everything that works on one project at a time. Taking on the role of a surveyor would only add to their responsibilities. By outsourcing surveying tasks to professionals, architects can focus on their core strengths and ensure that their designs are based on accurate and reliable data. The answer may surprise you, but it is a definite yes! Architects do use surveyors, and there is a good reason behind it. You see, architectural companies often outsource certain tasks that they can't handle alone in order to Grow and Scale. So, what can be done to address this misconception? Here are three potential solutions: Clear Communication: Clients need to be advised wisely and competently on their needs to include a surveyor in the process and that if architects are to do the survey themselves what is the architect's hourly rate and if this is even worth going this route, exception, of course, are low-cost architects whose rates are lower than surveyors rates, it's all about the cost of work. Collaboration: Architectural firms should actively seek to collaborate with other professionals in the early stages of a project. By involving surveyors from the start, architects can ensure that the design is based on accurate measurements and avoid potential setbacks later on. Education: It is important for architectural schools and programs to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the roles and responsibilities of different professionals in the construction industry. Educating students about the importance of working in a Team and how this can help them grow their Architectural Brand, to foster better collaboration and avoid misconceptions in the future. In conclusion, it is essential for both professions to work together to achieve successful construction projects and avoid burnout or low-paid work. The misconception that architects must measure properties themselves is unfounded because no medium or large architectural companies send their architects to actually do the measurements they have more important tasks to do and their knowledge and expertise are way above the level of running around with laser measurement tools and sketching plans, this can lead to a low-skilled worker being in direct competition with someone who has spent years on education. Peter Bauman SpaceSurvey

  • Why do you need to clean Point Cloud?

    The number of measurements captured is INSANE; we are talking about a starting point of 360k+ measurement points per second. Scanners scan everything around them in 360 degrees despite the fact that you may only need one particular measurement; they will capture it all, whether you require the information or not. It captures more than you can imagine in just a matter of seconds and dramatically decreases the time spent on site surveys while increasing accuracy by 110 times. Point Cloud is data that any laser survey will output, and here are some most-used file formats: .E57, .RCP, .XYZ, but there are many others that can be converted to the one that suits your workflow best. So, point cloud cleaning is an important part of the process, i.e., removing unnecessary measurement points or noisy points situated away or detached from the scanned subject (Property). This is the first step of most workflows after the initial site survey is done to get the as-built 2D .DWG and .PDF Drawings and 3D Model. After this cleaning, you only get the points that are needed and can start creating accurate 2D Plans or 3D Models corresponding to real life without any guesswork. Traditional hand sketching has its challenges and limitations; one challenge is not having enough measurements or even missing them. Laser scanning, on the other hand, collects way more data than you can ever need. This can be the downside of large file sizes and a large amount of data; we are talking about 15GB+. This can be very challenging and may require more powerful computers, faster internet for collaborations, and data sharing, resulting in added time for data transfer and download. Cleaning the scan data serves one purpose: to denoise the point cloud from reflections like scanning through mirrors or unnecessary measurements, as seen in images above. When measuring by hand, you would not measure into the mirror but point to the wall next to it. You would have only one or maybe two points on that wall. However, when scanning, it will capture every millimeter of the property, including walls, floors, ceilings, and everything within, including mirrors, skirting boards, sockets, and all visible elements in the property, including furniture and its dimensions. It will show the exact location of these elements and their dimensions and size. This level of detail is great to have, but it can be challenging to manage, so cleaning removes all unnecessary data and leaves only what is needed. This way, the scan data only shows what's needed, and file sizes are also dramatically decreased, making it easier to work with and collaborate with teams. After 2 hours of cleaning, we can clearly see every level of the property, every step of the stairs, thickness of any wall, its correct size and location, and also any changes in heights. We can retrieve any needed measurements of all structural elements, as seen in the images, and the main thing is, this information is 100% accurate and something we all can rely on. But I have a question: what would you choose for your site surveys, if you have the option to do one or the other? A. Spend more time at the property, have less information, and when something is missing, do guesswork and brick counting, or even revisit the property. B. Spend less time at the property but more time at the computer in your office, cleaning the scan data. (To see the results please Vote)

  • There are only 2 types of Architects - Traditional or Tech-Driven!

    Picture a mix of old-school sketches and laser-powered precision – it's like blending creativity and science. We're digging deep into whether laser scanning is a game-changer or just a flashy extra. Find out what sparks Architects designs, how they spot the best surveyors, and what the future holds for measuring. No fancy blueprints, just real talk about how architects mix tech and tradition. It's like peeking behind the curtain of their design magic! In the world of architecture, the role of technology and surveying methods is constantly debated. So I done an actual research and here are my findings, I will unravel architects' perspectives on these matters, engaging them in discussions about cost efficiency, precision, and the future of manual measurement and how the Technology would save there time & energy. Question 1: Is Hand Sketching and Laser distance measurer (DISTO), the Optimal Combo? Mahir: "It varies. For straightforward projects, we opt for hand sketching and laser Disto, as it's cost-effective and suits the client's budget. However, with complex sites, we lean on laser scanning for accuracy." Matthew: "Laser scanning by professional surveyors is our go-to. Hand sketching and laser Disto aren't the quickest route for us due to the intricacies of our projects." Hamish: "I utilize a Disto laser measure, although not the latest version. It has its place, but for more comprehensive data, laser scanning takes precedence." Constantine: "I employ a mix of tools, including the 'level hose gauge set.' Still prefer to get to know the properties and do site surveys my self but I am looking for ways and a tool to simplify this, and I see that AI could simplify this process. Colin: "I still prefer the hands-on approach. Understanding the building personally helps me prioritize details that matter. Until there's a streamlined workflow for converting scans into my preferred software, I'll stick to manual surveys." Question 2: Laser Scanning in Measured Surveys is this a necessity? Mahir: "The importance depends on the scale and complexity. Liability is a key factor in the decision-making process." Matthew: "Laser scanning is a must-have for us. It ensures accurate measurements and a solid foundation for our designs." Hamish: "Laser scanning adds depth to surveys." Constantine: "I've explored various methods but struggled to find a solution that fits. Automatically created clear polylines in DWG format from scan data would be a game-changer." Colin: "I'm open to a better way, but for now, translating scans into my 3D model remains a significant undertaking." Question 3: What are the Traits of Outstanding House Surveyors? Matthew: "The ability to segregate elements into layers, no parallel lines, and meticulous note-taking sets great surveyors apart." Hamish: "Attention to detail, efficient work, precise survey notes, and a deep understanding of building materials define excellence." Question 4: What is the Future for Surveying Methods? Mahir: "Advancing technology will shape our approach. However, personal understanding of buildings will still hold value." Hamish: "Given the technology's progress, I'd still go for manual measurements unless an efficient conversion method emerges." Colin: "If you can prove a better way to convert scan data into a usable model, I'm all ears." These architects' insights offer a glimpse into the complexities of surveying methods, bridging the gap between traditional approaches and the allure of cutting-edge technology. As the architectural landscape continues to evolve, it's evident that the balance between precision and practicality remains a constant consideration. "I hope this research was useful. If you'd like to share your opinions or comments, I am currently seeking architects for interviews. These insights can assist others in the industry to grasp the current situation. Plus, it's a chance for you to shine as an industry expert, setting you apart from the crowd. This opportunity offers both free marketing for your company and personal branding.

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