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Our Mission!


Free Architect's Time, Increase their capability to take on jobs that they never thought were possible. Eliminate mistakes in drawings, and most importantly give Peace of Mind to focus more on Design and Business Growth.

The Story

Peter Bauman originally is from Latvia, he came to the UK in 2008 and started his journey in the property industry in 2015 when he established SpacePhoto which quickly grew to a team of 16 people. Providing services for the real estate industry that included creating Floor Plans, Lease Plans, HMO Plans, EPC, 3D Tours, and others.

During the lockdowns, the company took some heavy hits with the rest of the property market, and this is when we quickly refocused on Measured House Surveys as the main service to provide As-Built drawings. Because when people can't buy they extend existing houses.

We took the approach of finding a solution to a problem and to help as many people as we can with this solution. If you do this in any difficult season or a recession you will turn it into an opportunity and your success story will find a solution to a Big enough problem and you have a successful business.

​For our client's Architects, we created SpaceSuvery to keep things more organized and separate from the other services we do and to make it clear where our focus is.

Architects were Booming during this season and needed more and more of our help. Originally the work was done by hand we asked a question to ourselves is there no better way to do this? And we found it, 3D laser scanning is the answer. Now we collected accurate information, avoided revisits, and decreased the time needed to produce accurate plans this was the right move.

​Now that lockdowns are in the past we are left with a great number of clients who still need our help. Mainly those are Architects or Developers who want to make changes to their properties and have no existing plans and need accurate 2D plans or a 3D Revit model from an existing building, both commercial or residential.


“Vision, Leadership, Courage, Faith, Perseverance, Humility, Honesty and Love” is what the clock on our wall says, that was gifted to us by one of our colleagues to remind us what we stand for and make it clear to others also.​

We are just a team of people who are not perfect people in any way but are committed to growth and I believe that these qualities practiced allow room for exponential growth for us as individuals and also as a Team collectively.

Knowing what we want, leading the way through challenges, having the courage to make decisions, having faith in ourselves and what we do, and most importantly persevering no matter if it is a lockdown or not, we continue and are committed to coming out of any challenge better on the other side.

Doing the work with humility and being honest with ourselves and others even in our mistakes is what makes us unique many like to hide behind masks but we believe that "Truth will set you free" and this is how trust is built between us and the clients.

The right attitude towards our work comes from "Love". We love what we do and the people we work with.

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